Our Story

From Our Family to Yours

Family is at the heart of everything we do at The Farm on Watermelon Road. It’s also the beginning of our story.

In 2008, when my wife was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, our entire family embarked on a journey to change our diets. Yet because of limited options at our rural grocers, we had to "dig in" and began growing our own food. For our family, farm-to-table suddenly had a new meaning.

We’ve steadily grown from raising a few chickens for meat and eggs for ourselves into a sustainable family farm. Today, we proudly produce pastured eggs and grass-fed/grass-finished beef in Tennille, Georgia. Our small vegetable and flower gardens bring great joy to my wife and children.

Whether you’re a caterer looking for fresh micro greens, a restaurant searching for grass-fed beef or a foodie wanting naturally-grown food the way nature intended, we’ve got it for you on The Farm at Watermelon Road.

At the end of each day, we take great pride in knowing that we’re able to consistently offer high-quality meats, pastured eggs and more to families across Georgia. 


Jeffrey and Tres walking a planned fence line for newly leased property.